The ultimate guide to buying bifold doors

What to look for when buying Bifold Doors

This guide aims to help you make a decision as to whether Aluminium Bifold Doors would be the ideal solution for your home. What is a Bi-fold door? Thermal Performance. Material and maintenance. Opening configurations. Price. Security. Accessibility. Installation. Colour. Are Bifold Doors made-to-measure. Suitable for older homes?

What are Bifold Doors?

A Bi-fold Door is sometimes referred to as a Concertina Door or Folding Sliding Door.It is a system of door panels which slide along a track and stack together, opening up a home allowing easy access to a garden and letting the natural light flood in.Bifolding Doors can have as few as 2 door panels giving the illusion of space in a smaller property, up to 6 door panels opening up a space of 6 or 7 metres, essentially, opening up the side of a property.It is possible to have more than 6 panels by simply joining two sets of Bifolds together, as long as this is stipulated at the time of manufacture.Are Aluminium Bifold Doors Thermally efficient?Yes, they are thermally efficient. By fitting toughened double glazing filled with argon gas to all KAT’s aluminium bifolds, we are able to achieve low U-values to keep your home warm.

What material is good for Bifold doors?

Aluminium is strong and durable and requires very little maintenance.Other than ensuring the track remains free of grit or dirt, a regular wipe with a damp cloth is all that is needed.There is no need to paint your KAT aluminium Bifold as the paint finish is guaranteed for 10 years.