There are so many materials to choose from when it comes to buying a new front door for your home.

Is Aluminium a good material for a front door?

Aluminium is a strong, lightweight material, which makes it the ideal material for wide or tall doors. In addition to being manufactured in a range of colours and finishes, Aluminium can be extruded to form many complex and intricate shapes and designs, making it possible to manufacture a front door incorporating fabulous curves and circles. Aluminium is resistant to warping, twisting and to corrosion, resulting in a front door which is secure, has excellent thermal properties to keep your home warm and looks great for many years. So, if the idea of designing your own front door appeals to you, meaning you can create a door which is unique to your individual style, whether that is contemporary, funky or traditional, Aluminium doors might be the ideal choice for your home.




What colour can Aluminium Doors be?

Aluminium front doors are gaining in popularity as the trend for oversized entrance doors in almost any design and colour continues to grow. Aluminium can be powder-coated in a wide range of colours, so there is no need to compromise on achieving the colour of the door you’d like for the entrance to your home. There are plenty of finishes to choose from too, such as a smooth matt, gloss, a textured finish or even a sprinkled glitter effect, which means your Aluminium entrance door really can reflect your personality and stand out from other front doors.

If you are considering a timber door for your home, but are put off by the need for regular maintenance, have you considered Aluminium with a timber finish? There are many timber effect finishes to choose from in matt or gloss, closely resembling Oak, Teak or Walnut, which, from a distance are often considered to be wooden front doors. Another feature which creates a luxurious entrance is when combining a different coloured door frame with the actual front door, creating a truly bespoke grand entrance.



Will an Aluminium Front door complement my existing Aluminium Windows?

If you have Aluminium Windows, Aluminium Sliding Doors or Bifold Doors in your home already, an Aluminium entrance door will perfectly complement the overall aesthetics. It is wise to spend a little time considering which colour would be most suited to the brick, stone or render of your property.

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