Pivot Entrance Doors

Spitfire Pivot Doors makes a colossal design statement, showcasing you and your home as genuinely unique and a class apart. Challenging the normal and surpassing the everyday, Pivots are truly imposing structures, which no other door design comes close to emulating.

And defying their mass, Pivots open effortlessly, thanks to a simple offset pivot mechanism and they close softly, cushioned by our in-built door closer.

A Pivot can speak loudest when fitted within a Spitfire aluminium façade or framework, in a colour or finish designed to either match or contrast with your door. Of course, a steel framework will also work but unlike aluminium, cladding will be required to the steel faces, to provide a thermal barrier. Our team of professional installers carry out the installation of Pivot Doors throughout Scotland, Cumbria and the North West and can advise on the best solution for your property.

Architects recognise that Pivot Doors have allowed them to rewrite the design book, providing them with the opportunity to express their creativity in designing the focal point for substantial new homes. Pivots ooze individuality and style. Because the door is so strong, Spitfire Pivots can be clad with a wide range of materials to include tile, stone, wood and aluminium.

Compared to the cost of double doors or doors with side and top panels, Pivots can be a competitively priced consideration and no other aluminium door can be made at 2 metres wide by 3 metres high.

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Pivot Doors with LED lighting

Spitfire Pivot Doors would grace many a new build property featured on Grand Designs. Stunning aesthetic results can be achieved using these oversized doors as they can incorporate recessed external handles with built-in LEDs, that can run the full height of the door.

Superbly Secure

Spitfire Pivot Doors are designed to be virtually burglar-proof. We combine very substantial 3mm thick aluminium sections with high security locks and precision engineered accessories to keep you safe. The sheer scale and depth of section of a Spitfire aluminium Pivot is enough to deter would be intruders.

Wide choice of colours

Spitfire Pivot Doors are available in a huge choice of colours, including wood effect finishes, glass or corten finishes. The door and frame can be installed by our team of Professional Installers in the same colour, or you can choose to have one colour and finish for the door frame and another for the Pivot Door itself.


Below are images of Spitfire Pivot Doors.