Art Deco Doors and Windows

Traditional steel windows, with slim sightlines and single glazing create a feeling of nostalgia. At Stag Aluminium, we manufacture modern steel windows with a slim 59mm sightline which closely resembles traditional steel windows. Single glazed windows can be draughty. Modern double glazed units offer excellent thermal properties to keep your home warm, whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the original Art Deco windows.

What are the benefits and features of Stag Aluminium’s Art Deco Windows:

  • All windows are made to bespoke dimensions
  • You can choose from a wide range of powder coated finishes
  • The sightline is just 59mm to resemble traditional steel windows
  • With a double glazed unit, excellent U Values can be achieved
  • There are a variety of handle styles and colours to choose from
  • The option of choosing to have PAS24 security
  • Windows can be side hung, top hung or fixed
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