Lift & Slide Doors

Reynaers CP130 Sliding Doors are a luxury Aluminium Lift & Slide Patio Door. They are the perfect solution for contemporary and traditional homes and allow plenty of natural light into the room. Stag Aluminium in Ayrshire manufactures and installs bespoke Sliding Doors in homes throughout Scotland, Cumbria and the North West.

Reynaers Aluminium Sliding Doors can be made up to 2.7 metres high to give you uninterrupted views of your patio or garden. Depending on the width you have available and subject to their height, door sashes can be manufactured up to 3 metres wide and with a narrow, secure 100mm interlock sightline, they allow you to make the most of a beautiful view outside. You can choose to have 2, 3 or 4 panels, allowing flexibility when it comes to deciding which doors you would like to slide open and which remain fixed. With 3 panes of glass and a triple track option, all 3 sashes can have handles and slide from left to right, or right to left.

To open Reynears CP130 Aluminium Sliding Patio doors, simply turn the Lift & Slide handle through 180° and the door sashes lift off the track, decreasing friction and enabling the doors to glide smoothly.  Reynaers Sliding Doors are inherently secure and are fitted with multi-point locks, meeting PAS 24 Security levels to help keep your property safe.

You can choose from a wide range of colours for your doors, in a stylish textured, matt or gloss finish. We also offer the option of having one colour on the outside of your doors with a different colour on the inside which complements the interior of your house. We do find that the most popular colours for Aluminium Sliding doors throughout Scotland, Cumbria and the North West are currently either Anthracite Grey, Jet Black or White, so we offer these 3 colours as standard.

When fitted with a warm edge, argon filled, double glazed sealed glass unit, our Sliding Doors can achieve a low U Value of 1.5 W/m2k, keeping your home warm all year round. With triple glazing these doors achieve a U Value of 1.1 W/m2k,, meeting the strictest Scottish Building Regulations.

If you would like to discuss which Sliding Doors would be best for your home, please contact Stag Aluminium in Scotland on 01563 542 991 or call into our factory showroom and meet our team of professional installers who will be happy to help answer any questions you might have.

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Coastal Locations

If your property is in a coastal location, it is critical that you specify Marine Grade paint, which must be discussed prior to the manufacture of your Stag Sliding Doors. Caring for doors in a coastal location requires a different and very regular cleaning regime, full details of which can be provided by us.

Low Maintenance

Taking care of your Sliding doors after installation requires very little maintenance, other than checking that the door channels are free from debris and an occasional wipe down with hot soapy water from time to time.

Space Saving

Reynaers CP130 Sliding Doors can be made into a pocket door, a great space-saving alternative and ideal for dividing internal rooms within a home. A false wall can create a ‘pocket’ for the door to slide into, easily achieved during new builds or refurbishments.  When the doors slide open, they appear to disappear inside the wall, allowing the whole of the width of the doorway to be open-plan.


Below are images of Reynaers CP130 Sliding Patio Doors