Metal Technology Tilt Turn Windows

Metal Technology 5-35 Hi+ Tilt Turn Windows have excellent thermal efficiency, are strong and highly secure and offer excellent weather protection against the wind and the rain. Metal Technology 5-35 Hi+ Windows are perfect for homes throughout the UK and Ireland and are often installed in commercial buildings where there are multiple floors.

The Aluminium windows offer the latest thermal requirements and are fitted with specially designed thermal gaskets and foam profiles to ensure the window achieves an A+ Breeam Sustainability Rating.

Stag Aluminium, based in Ayrshire, Scotland, manufactures and installs the Metal Technology 5-35 Hi+ Tilt Turn Windows in a wide range of colours, which can be supplied with a matt, gloss or a luxury textured finish.  One colour can be chosen for the inside, with a different colour on the outside.

There are three options to choose from with our Aluminium Tilt Turn Windows, giving you the flexibility to design your own window. They can be made to tilt only, tilt before turn, or turn only. With the tilt option, the window sash gently tilts inwards sufficiently to allow fresh air into the room. With a tilt before turn, the window can either open fully into the room, making it easy to clean the outside of your windows, from inside your property or tilt inwards.  The Turn only facility allows the window to open fully into your room, without offering the tilt option.

*Please note the Tilt Turn Window images shown are for illustration purposes only, they do not represent the Metal Technology system. The design of the handle will differ.

The 5-35 Hi+ Tilt Turn window has been tested and achieves the following results, making the windows perfect for Stag Aluminium to install in properties throughout the UK and Ireland.

Air permeability – BS 6375 test pressure 600Pa.

Water Tightness – BS 6375 test pressure 300 Pa.

Wind resistance – BS 6375 test pressure 2400 Pa.


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Maximum size limitations

Tilt Before Turn sashes can be made up to 1500mm wide x 2500mm high

Tilt Only sashes will be bottom hung and can be made up to 2400mm wide x 2000mm high

Turn Only sashes will be side hung and can be made up to 1500mm wide x 2400mm high

Thermal Performance

Overall thermal performance of a 5-35 Hi+ Aluminium Window with a Centre pane U-value of 1.1 provides a U Value of 1.33 W/m²K

A double glazed unit with a Centre pane of 0.6 W/m²K will achieve a U Value of 0.9 W/m²K


The choice of colours is almost limitless, with a wide range of RAL Colours in a matt or satin finish. If your property is close to the Sea or Estuary, a Marine Grade finish should be specified.