Metal Technology 4-35 Hi + Windows

Metal Technology’s System 4-35Hi+ is the perfect window system for properties which are located in remote areas where there are strong winds and heavy rainfall as they provide excellent weather performance.

When manufacturing Metal Technology’s System 4-35 Hi+ Windows, Stag Aluminium includes specially designed thermal gaskets and profiles which reduce heat loss and ensure the windows achieve excellent thermal efficiency. The windows have been accessed and meet BREEAM certification, a standard which is occasionally specified by Architects or Project Developers for certain projects where windows must achieve an ‘A’ rating.

The Metal Technology System 4-35 HI + Windows are ideal in Commercial Buildings and can be manufactured in a wide range of RAL colours and finishes.


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Thermal Efficiency

As part of Metal Technology’s range, this system, in conjunction with the correct glass specification, is designed to aid compliance with the latest thermal requirements of current building regulations and achieves excellent U Values.

The system can be glazed internally or externally and can accommodate glazing units from 28mm to 47mm.


Each individual top hung sash can be manufactured up to 2 metres wide x 2 metres high, whilst side hung casement windows can be manufactured up to 1 metre wide by 1800mm high.


The choice of colours is almost limitless, with a wide range of RAL Colours in a matt or satin finish. If your premises are close to the Sea or Estuary, a Marine Grade finish should be specified.