Commercial Entrance Doors

Stag Aluminium’s Commercial Entrance doors are designed for use at ground floor level in moderately exposed areas, typically for access to Offices, Shops, Schools, Hospitals and Apartment buildings.

They are suitable for use as an emergency exit door and can be manufactured as either a single door or a double door, with a 15mm low threshold ensuring easy access. Aluminium Swing doors, Auto swing doors, Rebated Doors and Auto Slide Doors can all be manufactured in a wide range of colours and finishes.

One of the benefits of using Aluminium for Commercial Entrance Doors is that Aluminium requires very little maintenance, other than checking that the doors are free from debris and a wipe with a soapy cloth from time to time. If the building is in a coastal location, it might be wise to consider a Marine Grade paint, which should be discussed prior to the manufacture of your Entrance Doors and would be subject to a different warranty and cleaning regime.

Stag Aluminium manufacture Commercial Doors using either Senior Architectural Systems or Smart Systems profile. Single doors can be manufactured in dimensions up to a maximum width of 1,150mm and a maximum height of 2,300mm. Whilst double doors can be manufactured up to 2,300mm wide by 2,300mm high. The overall height and width which can be achieved will also be subject to the weight of the individual sashes, depending on the glass specification.

Where the site is exposed or above ground floor level, Stag Aluminium’s Commercial hinged door which is fully rebated, offers improved performance at this level.