Art Deco Bifold Doors

Art Deco Bifold Doors with bold, streamlined designs have made a come back in recent years and are sought after by many homeowners in both traditional and contemporary properties.

Stag Aluminium in Scotland manufactures bespoke Aluminium Art Deco Bifold Doors with slim steel-look sightlines. We allow you the freedom to choose how many slim horizontal bars you would like to complete the Art Deco look, as well as deciding how many bifold door sashes you would like. Doors can be made up to 6 metres wide and you can decide whether you would like all doors to open in one direction, or whether you would prefer doors to open both to the left and the right.

When carrying out refurbishments, it is important to consider the existing aesthetics, to ensure the new Doors will complement the property. The benefit of installing an Art Deco Bifold door in a traditional heritage building is that the large expanse of glass will allow plenty of natural light into the home, whilst the slim aluminium sightlines remain sympathetic to the original features of an older home.

Art Deco Bifolds are equally suitable for new build homes and contemporary extensions, as they incorporate the very latest in high security locking mechanisms.

Stag Aluminium offers a wide choice of powder coated aluminium colours. You can choose to have the same colour on the inside and outside, or have one colour on the outside and a different colour on the inside to complement your décor. You can also choose either a matt or luxury textured finish.

Art Deco Bifold Doors help make the most of a beautiful view and create an almost seamless transition from your home into your garden. Being made from Aluminium, the doors are strong and durable and will require very little maintenance to keep them looking good for a number of years.

Every detail from the initial design, how the doors are manufactured and installed, all come together to give the ultimate Art Deco Bifold Door in aluminium. But they are not just for the luxury high end homes.  More and more homeowners are discovering the advantages an Art Deco Bifold door can bring to their home.

To discuss the perfect Art Deco Bifold Door solution for your home, please get in touch with our Customer Services department and we will be happy to help.



Black Art Deco Bifold Doors are currently the most popular colour, however, we offer a wide choice of Aluminium colours and finishes, with the option of having a different colour inside to the outside of your home.

Low Maintenance

Taking care of your Art Deco Heritage Bifold Doors after installation requires very little maintenance, other than checking that the door channels are free from debris and an occasional wipe down with hot soapy water from time to time.

Marine Grade Paint Finish

If your property is in a coastal location, it is critical that you specify Marine Grade paint, which must be discussed prior to the manufacture of your Stag Art Deco Bifold Doors. Caring for doors in a coastal location requires a different and very regular cleaning regime, full details of which can be provided by us.


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