Who can manufacture and install Curtain Walling in Scotland?

Stag Aluminium based in Kilmarnock, Scotland has been manufacturing low-rise and high-rise Curtain Walling for over 35 years, using Senior Architectural Systems profile. In addition to manufacturing  Aluminium glazing solutions such as Curtain Walling, Stag has a team of qualified and experienced Surveyors and Installers, who can advise on the most suitable Curtain Walling system for each individual project. Specification of the most suitable glass is complex, however, our technical designers have extensive knowledge of the most appropriate glass to use in a range of situations. Contact Stag

What does a curtain wall look like?

A curtain wall system is an outer covering of a building where the outer walls are non-structural. They are typically designed with lightweight aluminum framing. This reduces the cost of construction, compared with building a fully structural outer wall. The image below shows a curtain wall manufactured and installed in Ayrshire, Scotland. Being close to the Sea, a Marine Grade paint finish was specified by Stag to give the Curtain walling extra protection from the wind and salt water.



The aluminium frame can be fitted with an aluminium panel, but is more often fitted with glass, which allows plenty of natural light into the building and looks great from the outside too. When designing Curtain Walling, Stag Aluminium takes into account the thermal expansion and contraction within the building and specifies the glazing accordingly.

What colours are available for Curtain Walling?

Stag Aluminium designs, manufactures and installs high quality, Aluminium Curtain Walling in a wide range of colours and finishes in Scotland.

The project below was specified as a low-rise curtain wall and was installed with top hung opening casement windows to allow plenty of ventilation within the room.

Stag Aluminium’s Technical Departments in Ayrshire and Leven, Scotland, can advise on the most suitable glass specification for each individual project. In addition to glazing, or to complement a part-glazed Curtain Wall, other infills can include aluminium panels in a wide range of RAL colours, louvres, and can include aluminium panels in a wide range of RAL colours, louvres, and opening windows or vents.


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In addition to Curtain Walling, Stag Aluminium manufactures Shopfronts, Fire Exit Doors, Commercial Entrance Doors and Bifolding or Sliding Doors.  Take a look at our Case Studies.