The team at Stag Aluminium, based in Kilmarnock have been designing, manufacturing and installing aluminium doors, windows and curtain walling for over 36 years. Until very recently they were perhaps Scotland’s best kept secret, operating mainly across Ayrshire, around south Glasgow and on the Isle of Arran. With an injection of ambition, Fiona Kelly has plans to double the size of the business in the next couple of years.

For decades, Stag has manufactured frames using Senior Architectural and Metal Technology aluminium sections for developers, contractors and self-builders of large residential, grand design homes, prevalent right across the UK. This type of project is generally in the £50-80k bracket for the glazing package alone and Stag has the design, manufacturing and installation capabilities to provide an exceptional service.  Contact Stag Aluminium

To excel in this grand design-type market, the Stag team have recognised that ideally the supplying company should be a niche aluminium design and manufacturing business, that has the technical knowledge, experience and pedigree to offer sophisticated design solutions, relevant to a particular property. Thankfully, contractors now recognise the value of Stag’s many years’ experience in commercial aluminium because it’s one thing to attend a site visit for a single set of bifold doors that have dropped and quite another to attend for a curtain wall screen that is leaking water.


Featured:   Aluminium curtain walling and Spitfire S-500 ‘Signature Series’ front door


Quite remarkably, Stag Aluminium has an incredibly long serving team. Of the 19 employees working at Stag, 5 have over 30 year’s service, 2 have over 20 years and 2 have over 15 year’s service. This commitment to the aluminium cause is a major factor in the success of Stag because the team are true aluminium experts. There is almost no project they have not successfully tackled, from Distilleries, to Prisons to Nuclear Plants, to Hotels and Private Dwellings.


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Featured:   Aluminium Curtain Walling in Commercial premises


Stag Aluminium’s strategic focus is on the Scottish and Cumbrian markets and the company will always be a niche player, serving a tight network of premium customers who demand a high level of personal service that they know is backed up by outstanding technical competence in aluminium glazing systems.

Increasingly, aluminium glazing is becoming a popular choice for residential homes north of the border, as the weather performance and thermal values of most aluminium systems have dramatically improved. Whilst we may never witness the installation of very slim sightline windows and sliders with 20mm interlocks due to valid concerns over weather extremes in Scotland, standard aluminium frames are usually much slimmer than their uPVC counterparts and the market will continue to grow.

Every day it seems, the Stag team receive quotation requests for 2-3 storey glazed screens that will accept a front door, for a substantial new build home. Stag can usually offer the perfect glazing solution in aluminium that will be structurally sound, watertight and slim, plus they can specify an aluminium residential entrance door, sourced from sister business, Spitfire Doors.

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Featured: Spitfire Doors S-500 ‘Signature Series’ front door embedded in an Aluminium Curtain Wall screen.


Stag has recently signed up to receive new build and project information from Barbour ABI across Scotland and Cumbria. This will assist the company to identify the movers and shakers in their chosen markets and with the assistance of their aluminium supply partners, align their marketing, products and service to the requirements of those carefully selected clients.

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