The existing Timber doors at a Primary School in Ayr, Scotland had been in-situ for many years and the time had come for them to be replaced. Gary Wallace, Technical Manager at Stag Aluminium worked closely with Fortress Security, who carried out a fire risk assessment on the building. They advised Stag Aluminium on the necessary requirements to ensure that the replacement aluminium fire exit doors met the current regulations to allow a safe escape from fire in an emergency situation. Contact Stag Aluminium


‘Before’  3 sets of Timber Fire Exit Double Doors


‘Before’ Timber Fire Exit Double Doors


What is a fire exit door?

The purpose of a fire exit door is that it allows a quick escape from a building in the event of a fire.  Whilst the door can be locked from the outside for security, there is an emergency push bar or panic bar located on the inside to allow people to leave the building in an emergency. Fire exit doors are not designed to stop the spread of fire as such, but are designed to be opened quickly and easily in an emergency.

Replacing timber fire exit doors with aluminium

One of the downsides of timber fire exit doors is that over time, they can become warped and rot, making them prone to damage and therefore less secure. Timber also needs to be painted regularly. Aluminium is a strong, secure material, which can be powder-coated in a wide range of RAL colours, requiring very little maintenance to keep the doors looking good and operating efficiently, making it the perfect material for fire exit doors. The commercial doors at this school in Ayr were manufactured by Stag Aluminium in the same red shade as the previous timber doors.


‘After’ –  With Dorma 9800 motorised retraction panic bars



‘After’ Fitted with external offset D SS handles


‘After’- With anti-finger trap hinge stiles


Senior Architectural Systems Aluminium SD Door

The commercial aluminium SD/SFG Door can be manufactured by Stag Aluminium in single, double, emergency and panic exit door types. It utilises low thresholds and a variety of options such as radius anti-finger trap stiles and meets PAS24:2016 security. This is the system Stag Aluminium decided was most suitable for the fire exit doors for this commercial project. Contact Stag Aluminium to discuss your commercial project

The doors to be replaced included one door in the school gym, which remains locked at all times and acts as a fire exit door from the school gym in the event of emergency.  Three sets of double doors complete with anti-finger trap hinge stiles and external offset D SS handles and a set of double doors for the main school entrance. Apart from the gym, each of the doors had the combined use of being a regular exit and a designated emergency exit.

Doors which include glazing were fitted with clear safety double glazing in the top half, with a flat aluminium panel below the midrail. Concealed door closers and Dorma 9800 motorised retraction panic bars were fitted to the majority of the doors, whilst some doors were fitted with an external over-ride handle and cylinder.

Stag Aluminium carried out the survey, manufacture and installation of each of the sets of bespoke doors at this school.

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Senior SD/SFG Aluminium Fire Exit doors


Fire Sprinklers in Domestic and Residential properties

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